Safety Director George Manning


It is the policy of Grady County to provide a safe and comprehensive safety environment for all of the Grady County employees. In the state of Oklahoma, the Department of Labor oversees all safety and loss programs of every county. Grady County works closely with the Oklahoma Department of Labor to ensure that full compliance to both state and federal labor laws are adhered to.

For any Safety and Loss program to be effective, both management and employees are to be actively engaged in the safety program by attending all safety meetings and to maintain a posture of personal responsibility for ones own safety practices. Most incidents of injury in the workplace can be avoided by use of safety training and making one aware of any safety hazards that exist, and reporting those hazards to supervisory personal to eliminate the existing hazard. Sometimes a direct hazard may not be eliminated, but with effective controls in place, that particular hazard can be engineered to not pose a particular threat to the safety of employees.

Because the safety and well being of all county employees is paramount in Grady County, the Board of County Commissioners has established a safety incentive program for all county employees. This is a cash-to-employee award for not having a reportable injury or loss in a one year period. If the employee goes two years without an injury or loss, that award is increased. All scheduled county safety meetings must be attended by the employees to receive this award.

Grady County has adopted a Drug Free Workplace Policy to insure the safety of not only all county employees, but also any citizens that may come onto any County owned property. Pre-employment drug testing, random CDL drug and alcohol testing, and random drug testing for personal in safety sensitive positions is required.

The Grady County Safety and Loss Program is revised on an annual basis to ensure that with new technologies and safety training , Grady County employees will be assured that all is being put forth to maintain their safety and well being while employed by the county.


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