The forms provided by the Grady County Clerk’s Office are done so as a curtsy, seek legal advice to ensure that you are filling out the correct form and/or filling out the form correctly.  Also please make sure when you print that you set the paper size to legal.

Affidavit of Address Change

Affidavit of Grantee Beneficiary

Affidavit of Purchase Price

Affidavit of Surviving Joint Tenant

Certificate of Fictitious Name

Individual Mineral Deed

Individual QuitClaim Deed

Individual Warranty Deed

Joint Tenancy Mineral Deed

Joint Tenancy QuitClaim Deed

Joint Tenancy Warranty Deed

Mechanic’s Lien Statement of Claim

Oklahoma Small Estate Affidavit

Oklahoma Statutory Form for Power of Attorney

Proof of Death and Heirship

Release of Mechanic’s Lien

Release of Mortgage

Revocation of Power of Attorney

Transfer-on-death deed